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How do you authenticate a person who calls your Call Center?

First two letters of your mother’s maiden name?

Your place of birth?

Your date of birth?

Your father’s name?

Your mobile phone number?

With VocalPassword, how many steps does the Speaker Authentication consist of?

The authentication process is realized in the following three steps:

Enrollment: When a customer calls for the first time, he/she is informed that, after going through the current security process, he/she would be able to quickly make the transactions without being required to remember any information such as a password, and then offered to create a vocal password. The customer, who is transferred to IVR, repeats the pre-determined passphrase three times to create a vocal password.

Verification: When a speaker, who passed through the enrollment process, enrolled and then left his/her voiceprint, re-calls the system; he/she is automatically recognized from his/her Claimed ID (e.g. Customer Number, TRID No), and is asked to indicate his/her passphrase.

The received voiceprint is submitted to the verification system, and this voice is compared with the vocal password. If it exceeds the threshold value which is determined as a result of this comparison, the “matched” result is received from the system, and the caller is deemed to be verified. After verification, the caller is authorized to perform the transactions.

Identification: The proccess of identifying a caller among the user group who previously left his/her voice print in the system. When the identification and verification functions are to be run on an IVR instead of a live agent, then the product to be preferred is Nuance VocalPassword.


Nuance FreeSpeech is a unique biometric speaker verification system that transparently verifies speakers in the background of a natural conversation. It is the most comprehensive, natural language speaker verification system available today, enabling customers to utilize the biometric power of voice to provide secure, efficient, and convenient access to contact centers. 

It runs independent of content, language and accent. It eliminates authentication questions which cause loss of time for customers, and realizes authentication within seconds by using biometric voice characteristics. Moreover, it allows call centers to monitor all calls and detect fraudulent activities by creating a monitoring list mechanism.

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