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Text-To-Speech (TTS)

What is Text-To-Speech (TTS)?

Text-To-Speech (TTS) is a technology of converting a written text automatically into human voice. With the use of this technology, any written text, whether it is a short text such as name & surname or a long text such as an article, is easily listened to and converted into a comprehensible human voice.

With Nuance Vocalizer, the Text-To-Speech (TTS) solution, you can enrich your existing IVR solution, and provide a more natural and personalized customer experience with a lower cost. Based on prolonged researches and specialty, Nuance Vocalizer is used in more than 40 languages globally. Vocalizer allows you to create dynamic prompts by using Text-To-Speech technology with your static prompts, and enables you to easily manage prompts of your entire application. Furthermore, it allows you to meet your requirements for urgent prompt changes quickly, easily and cost efficiently by eliminating high cost and timing problems arising from working with voice talents.


  • Naturalness: The speech output, which is vocalized naturally, guarantees a good listening experience.
  • Creating a flexible speech: Voice level and speech speed can be changed for more dynamic effects during execution.
  • Direct phonetic input: It makes it suitable to read offline phonetic databases such as navigation map data.
  • User glossaries: Rule sets can be determined in order to accurately read the words which can be pronounced differently in the natural flow of a language. 
  • Adding the prompts quickly and easily: The recorded prompts which are available in the system, as well as dynamic prompts created in line with instant requirements can quickly and easily be merged to be compatible with the natural flow of listening experience.

Examples of implementation in Turkey:

  • In IVR systems; addressing the customers, who are recognized with their telephone number, with their name or name and surname.
  • Reading the address for address confirmation
  • Reading the daily stocks and stock market information
  • In navigation systems, reading the names of locations, streets as well as commands
  • Deployment of IVR promts which should be urgently recorded
  • Reading newspapers over the Internet