Established in 2004, Procat is the company of choice for institutions and organizations that require and demand high efficiency, uninterrupted support, quick installation, while at the same time delivering robust return on investment models and competitive cost advantage achieved by working with an experienced business partner.

Procat has a great wealth of highly specialized personnel and their founder has nearly a quarter of a century of industry specific experience. This means Procat is ideally placed to provide all the products and services required for the installation of a turnkey call center from A to Z, integration with third party products and solutions, development of applications, reporting, tracking, inspection and quality evaluation. Procat works as a complete business partner in all processes from selection of the most accurate technology, which entirely matches with the requirements of corporations, to installation and integration.

In projects with high efficiency and quality targets, Procat starts the work with analysis, designs the solution as per the requirements and requests, realizes the installation or improves the existing infrastructure.  If requested, it operates the project temporarily before transferring the solution to its business partner, while providing continuous support and innovative new solutions.

The Procat strategy is to continuously create different and innovative applications and services.

The company established Speechouse in 2006 with an aim to meet different requirements of automation in customer services. The vision was to create cost advantage and increased customer satisfaction by using speech technologies.

In 2010, Procat founded CallCenterHotel. This innovative offering allowed companies to embark on short-term pilot projects without huge capital project investments on call centers. This delivered an efficient and scalable model, with massive amounts of flexibility and leading edge technology.


With its Istanbul and Izmir locations, CCH was the first Call Center Hotel in Turkey. CCH provides services to call center companies, seasonal projects as well as to organizations which intend to identify their requirements prior to making call center investments. CCH is also positioned as the first address of international call center giants which come to Turkey for investment.

CCH provides call center functionality and infrastructure on a hotel type business model. Companies are able to instantly benefit from all offerings which may be required by a call center equipped with cutting-edge technologies. CCH has a capacity of 2000 seat in its Istanbul and Izmir locations. Companies are able to receive support instantly with their current personnel.

CCH incorporates all basic infrastructure and technologies required for a call center organization. It attracts attention as a complete structure with its ready-to-use sitting areas, cafeteria, terrace, training rooms, as well as recreation and entertainment areas.

The organizations, which benefit from CCH in the short or long term, seize the opportunity to manage their current projects under optimum conditions. These can be either strategic or tactical, or even be emergency coordination.

Thus, the companies are able to increase their operational efficiency and focus on their core businesses. They also gain competitive advantage with competencies they acquire, such as speed and flexibility.

CCH does not limit its service options to fixed packages. CCH is able to offer bespoke solutions for specific requirements, tailored to exact customer needs. CCH provides these services with more than 20 years of experience in the call center industry, as well as its broad technical and operational personnel support. In CCH, solutions such as management consultancy, Quality Monitoring, Dashboards and Advanced Reporting Solutions, are also offered.