Project Management

User Experience Design

Solution Optimization

End-to-end Solution Design

To act as a bridge between the companies and individuals in the project; assign and track responsibilities; and ensure that project steps are taken within the determined time periods and the project is coordinated in all aspects.

This service consists of designing the interfaces which end users would use easily and willingly. Whether this interface is a part of a call center on which transactions are made through automation, or is a mobile application, it may be any interface which includes “natural speech”. The solutions are designed with our expertise in user experience design. They are used to facilitate the user’s work by running in the background without bothering the user, instead of causing chaos and confusing the user.

The service of the project owner company will be provided by using advanced Speech Recognition technologies. It is designed in a way that the end user’s requirements are met in the best manner and outstanding efficiency is ensured for both parties.

In systems which use Advanced Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding; it is  a service where a real person listens to and writes down the “voices”, which are recorded by the application (in other words, the things that were said by actual users when speaking to the system).

Also by considering the fact that the same language can be spoken in many different ways; an analysis of data collected from live calls, and in line with this data, conducting continuous improvement works for the system by making the required settings in a detection engine called “Recognizer”.

Services for determining any hardware, software and other requirements needed to achieve the targeted solution by analyzing customer requests and their available assets; as well as installing, integrating and deploying such requirements.