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Virtual Assistant for Mobile Customer Service

Nina (Nuance Interactive Natural Assistant) provides a unique mobile customer service experience by converting smart phones into a customer service assistant with which you can communicate through speech. Nina transforms iPhone and Android mobile applications – which make very different transactions such as paying bills, making service changes or finding out a reply to a simple question- into robust tools through which customers can receive services quickly and easily without any assistance (by themselves).

What Can Nina Do?

Reliability: It authenticates you by using your unique voice print.

Transaction: It allows you to make faster transactions with far less steps by interpreting the conclusion it draws from the requirement you indicated through speech.

Target Achievement: With a single expression, it perceives the customer’s request properly, and transfers the customer to the most accurate location where he/she can receive a reply.

Unlike a programmed robot, Nina provides a far more natural interaction experience with its intuitive detections.

Nina recognizes you and your voice. It understands your request from your speech expression. By combining the power of speech, writing and touching, Nina makes mobile interactions such as logging in, finding out the application features or making transactions much easier, more efficient and enjoyable. 

“Where is the nearest ATM?”

“Pay my all credit card debts from my bank account!”

“List the expenses over 100 TL which I made this month in my credit card!”

This virtual assistant application, which can be controlled with voice, allows you to easily make many of your transactions through speech such as banking and insurance transactions.

Unlike a one-way communication made with commands, it provides a communication experience in the form of  a dialogue.

Nina is interactive. In order to provide a user experience which can be realized in a conversation atmosphere, it provides a completely non-complex, natural communication experience with its complex technology infrastructure.

For maximum flexibility, a ‘Multimodal’ interaction feature which allows you to make transactions through speech and dialing

Its multimodal user interface is indispensable for a high quality customer experience. Nina has been designed to allow users to act flexibly during a transaction with its speech, writing or touch modes, and to select the interaction type of their preference.