Tarkan Ersubaşı

General Manager, Head of Management Board

Yıldırım Duyargil

Assistant General Manager, Technology

Tarkan has over 25 years of experience in call center industry. In 2004 he established Procat, offering  consultancy and technology implementations in the telecoms, banking, travel and outsourcing sectors amongst  others. He founded Speechouse in 2006, delivering some of the largest and most complex Speech Recognition  and Speaker Verification projects in the world. Call Center Hotel (CCH) was established in 2010 and provides  both operation and call center infrastructure services. CCH currently has a capacity of 2000 seats in 3 locations in  Istanbul and Izmir and is expanding across Europe.

Yildirim joined Procat in 2007 and was appointed Technology Director of Procat in 2008. Having vast experience delivering complex technical and operational projects particularly in the Call Center sector,  his focus is to provide operational efficiency, short-term investment income and enhanced customer experience  to organizations.  Yildirim is regarded in the industry as a technical visionary, with the rare skill of being technical,  business and customer focussed. In 2013, he was assigned to the role of Assistant General Manager, and heads  a team of technical, operational, development and support professionals.

Philip P. MORAN

Managing Director, International

Ufuk Betiner Önengüt

User Experience/User Interface Designer 

Philip was appointed Managing Director of Procat International Ltd in 2017, having worked with Procat in Istanbul for more than 4 years. He has more than 25 years international experience in the contact centre, telecoms and customer experience areas. Philip is responsible for the growth of the Procat and the Procat team to deliver successful customer service projects. Philip has also worked for companies like Aspect, Nortel, NewVoiceMedia and IT  Sonix.

Ufuk Betiner Onengut has been working as the primary UX/UI designer for all the enterprise systems involving advanced speech technologies deployed by Speechouse in Turkey since 2006. She takes an active role in all phases of the projects, starting from requirements gathering to analysis, design, deployment and tuning. She has certification from Nuance on ‘Advanced Voice User Interface Design’ and ‘Managing Speech Projects’. She also has a certificate in ‘User Experience Design’ from Nielsen Norman Group, with an achievement of ‘Interaction Design Specialisation’.

Taylan Kapan

Manager, Speech Technologies

Senem Olgun

Account Manager

Taylan has been working at Speechouse for 9 years, providing complex project management for mid and large-  scale speech and IVR implementations. He implemented the first voice verification project in Turkey in 2009 and has gained unrivalled experience. Taylan was also involved in the implementation and deployment of various  speech projects like ASR, Call Steering, TTS. He has ten years of experience in telephony, IVR and speech  applications and has worked in the banking, finance and travel  sectors.

Senem joined Speechouse in 2009 and coordinates all speech projects run by Speechouse. She acts as a bridge  between the clients, the vendors and the Speechouse team to meet the requirements and guarantee a successful  process. Senem is mainly responsible for presales activities, proposals, ROIs, contracts, tenders and new  requirements in current projects. She is currently attending a doctorate programme in Industrial Engineering with  her studies on Artificial Intelligence.

Ece Gulistan CAKAR

Speech Solutions Engineer

Ece graduated from Istanbul Technical University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Engineering and has been working at Speechouse since 2015. She has gained experience as a System Analyst and Development Specialist in all projects involving Natural Language Understanding, Automated Speech Recognition, Call Steering, Text-to-speech and Voice Verification technologies as well as Speech  Analytics.