Decrease in the number of misrouted calls

Reduction in the cost of human resources

More efficient service with less cost

Faster transactions, satisfied customers

Call Steering

What is Call Steering?

Call Steering eliminates the complexity of contact center navigation with a natural language solution that lets customers use their own words to describe why they’re calling.

In Call Steering application; when a customer calls the call center, he/she is greeted by IVR saying “How can I help you?” The customer describes, through speech, which service he/she wishes to receive, and is transferred to the requested menu within a few seconds.

DTMF versus Call Steering Comparison


Zero-out rate (10-40%)

Misrouted call rate (10-35%)

Decreased customer satisfaction  

Call Steering

Up to 40% decrease in the zero-out rate

 Up to 50% decrease in the misrouted call rate

Improved customer satisfaction


  • Enriched IVR menu can be used.
  • Thanks to horizontal flow, rarely used options can also be easily reached.
  • Significant decrease in the rate of misrouted calls.
  • Significant decrease in the zero-out rate.
  • Call durations are reduced on Pbx, IVR and operator side, and cost saving is ensured.
  • Decrease in the number of hangups caused by being lost in IVR.
  • As its natural result, it can be observed that the number of incoming calls decreases and customer satisfaction is improved.
  • All new services, for which automation is possible, can be automated.
  • More efficient and effective services can be provided with less resources.
  • Decrease is observed in human resource costs.
  • Customer representatives, who are the most valuable and costly item of call centers, are freed for more complex works.

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