About Speechouse

Active in the customer services sector in Turkey since 2006, Speechouse designs and implements advanced speech technology projects. These bespoke projects are based around leading edge technologies such as Advanced Speech Recognition, Voice Verification, Text to Speech and Call Steering. Speechouse’s expertise is in delivering these technologies to business partners in a managed service model. This reduces time to implement and infrastructure costs, at the same time delivering a faster and more robust return in investment.

The speech recognition technologies ensure that the user performs the actions by speaking instead of using a telephone key pad when he/she calls the call centers. These technologies also ensure that the user is verified with his/her own voice, which cannot be imitated, instead of sorting his/her personal information.

Speechouse provides these technologies within the systems which are designed and based on the specific industry and requirements. Call Steering technology ensures that the users are directed to self-service channels via a natural speech method which is the most advanced among all the technologies that include “voice” and in which the users describe their requests with their own words. This technology is used for the first time by Speechouse in Turkey. Speechouse provides these solutions which use advanced voice technologies to companies in various industries including telecommunications, finance, travel, retail, public, entertainment and insurance. Crucially, these solutions are provided as a service model specifically designed in line with the company requirements.