Our Areas of Expertise

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition is a technology that allows the interaction of a person with a computer through speech. With our speech recognition technology, we design self-service applications that allow callers to make their transactions easily and rapidly by understanding what they say. Specifically in cases where there are too many options to navigate through dialing, it is highly efficient to use a speech recognition solution.

Speech recognition is a core software in the heart of our call center automation solutions. Speech recognition applications such as “Natural Language Understanding” and “Mobile Assistant” are also derived from this core.

Nuance Recognizer, our speech recognition engine, provides service with the highest recognition accuracy rate ratios in the industry. This is available in 79 different languages including Turkish, regardless of accents and dialects.

Voice Verification

Reduce your operational costs and prevent fraud with reliable automated voice verification product Nuance VocalPassword. 

Identity theft which has rapidly increased today, as well as fraud such as information theft through social media cause existing data security criteria to be questioned.  Single-factor authentication approaches such as passwords or replying to questions can no longer ensure security which is required for remote services. When compared to these approaches, voice biometrics technology ensures multi-factor authentication.

Voice biometrics technology provides highly significant elements in the effective, multi-factor authentication solution. It authenticates the speaker with Nuance VocalPassword voice application during the interaction. It may be text-based or non-text, but it is always independent of spoken language and accent.

Call Steering

Specifically the touchtone self-service applications often cause incorrect steering of calls due to their complex menu structures, and this results in adverse customer experience. In such applications, any customers, who cannot find the key under which the information or transaction they seek is located, get lost during navigation within the application. Such misrouted calls cause loss of time and adversely affect customer experience.

Our Call Steering solution allows an error-free, cost-efficient call steering offering from a single entry point. This solution greets the calling customer with the question, “How may I help you?”, and waits for the customer to express his/her requirements naturally in his/her own words. The customer, who easily expresses his/her request, is transferred to a self-service application, which is fit for the request, or to a call center customer representative quickly and in a single step.


Text-To-Speech is a technology of converting a written text automatically into human voice. With the use of this technology, any written text, whether it is a short text such as name & surname or a long text such as an article, is converted into a comprehensible human voice that can be easily listened to.

With Nuance’s Text-To-Speech solution Vocalizer, you can enrich your existing IVR solution, and provide a more natural and personalized customer experience with a lower cost.

Nina – Mobile Assistant

Nuance Interactive Natural Assistant – Nina – delivers an unprecedented mobile customer service experience by turning smartphones into voice-enabled customer service assistants. Nina transforms iPhone and Android mobile apps into powerful engagement tools that allow customers to serve themselves and get immediate outcomes—whether that’s paying a bill, changing or adding service or simply getting a question answered. Nina is ideal for enterprises that intend to improve their mobile customer service experience.

  • The first application to understand what is said and who is saying it
  • The first application which includes Nuance Voice Biometrics and Advanced Dialogue applications
  • The first application which allows customizing the appearance, voice and more